New Years Event Celebrations In United States

New Year’s Eve celebrated on January 1, is one of the major celebration globally on first day of the year according to current Gregorian calendar. People are celebrating this day with great enthusiasm from almost four millennia all over the world. New Year’s celebrations start on December 31 particularly in evening, and continue till the January 1. Different cultures and traditions have their own unique way of celebrating New Year blended with the modern life styles. In United States there is a public holiday on New Year’s Eve and many people hold parties or attend special celebrations to make merry and wish everybody A Happy New Year! People celebrate New Year’s Eve by attending midnight church services. Public events are held in many cities, however one of the striking aspects of New Year’s celebration is a time ball drop located in Times Square, New York City, United States. 
Since 1907, the ball drop event has been held every year in the United States. The ball recent incarnation features are its outer surface consist of triangular shaped crystal panels and LED lighting system placed on top of a pole, at a height of 77 feet or 23 meters, with highlighted fire displays at the building to boost its status. A minute prior to midnight on December 31, the ball is lowered down the pole slowly, and comes to rest at the bottom of the pole exactly at midnight. Almost 1 million people attend and enjoy this event in United States, and watched by 1 billion globally on televisions and on the internet live stream through various broadcasters every year.
The day 31st December and January 1 calls for celebration, joy and entertainment, reminiscence sweet memories of the past years and look forward to the future coming year. Most of them start thinking about New Year’s resolution at this moment of the year. New Year has special significance; people wait for this event with great excitement as it specifies a new start of the next phase of life. Commonly a tradition includes attending parties, eating special New Year’s food, making celebrations for the New Year and watching highlighted fireworks displays. Americans mostly attend special New Year’s celebrations with special foods and drinks such as wine are served and exchanging hugs, kisses and wish everyone A Happy New Year!
On New Year’s Eve Public transport systems might operate normally or reduced services with routes amendments so make it sure and check timetables carefully before travelling. However, some companies have extended their schedules to enable peoples return home safely after attending New Year’s Eve party
So wherever you are on coming New Year’s Eve all you need to make your celebrations exceptionally meaningful and memorable one, is by sharing your love, happiness & celebrations with your family, friends and loved ones. Special location, comfort or expensive food can’t give you merry making, joy or satisfaction to your heart as the time spends with your loved ones. 

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