Test Your Muscular Endurance

This week, let’s tackle muscular endurance. As you get stronger, you tend to be ready to do an exercise for more times during a row, but strength and repetition aren’t precisely the same thing. for instance , somebody who features a huge bench press won't be ready to do 100 pushups. And somebody who frequently does fancy hairstyles could also be ready to keep their arms up for quarter-hour , albeit they can’t overhead press much in the least .

Give these tests a try:

Do a plank (or the plank variation of your choice). How long are you able to hold the position?
Choose a pushup variation that isn’t too hard for you (wall pushups, floor pushups, etc). what percentage are you able to do without a break?
Muscular endurance are some things that responds to specific training. If you'll do 10 or 20 pushups and dream of doing 100, you'll not need to get an excessive amount of stronger; you only need to recover at doing it for extended .

On the brilliant side, high-rep training doesn’t take much weight, so it’s an ideal project if your gym has just pack up again. you'll diversify to other exercises also , like bicep curls with soup cans or timed wall sits. what percentage reps will you be ready to do — or how long will you be ready to hold the position.

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