Become a Routine Person

If you get a cup of coffee at the very same time every morning or attend the same Pilates class on Tuesday night, you're doing a little bit of a ritual. Routine is making the world go round. Without it, we feel lost and end up stumbling through life, never quite knowing what to do with ourselves.

Although humans love to have freedom and choice and the power to do whatever they want, whenever they want, literally we enjoy having a routine to fall back on. After all, without any kind of structure, our lives are just one big holiday (which may be fun for a couple of weeks, but it's certainly not a long-term plan). Often it's easier to know exactly what you're supposed to do, and then there's no worry or panic.

Even though you don't consider yourself a 'routine' human, we still have our little things that we want to do every day. It can be as easy as having a coffee in the morning on a completely regimented schedule from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed. It looks totally different to everyone.

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