13 Podcasts for Your Holiday Road Trip


Got a long drive ahead of you? In a car with people full of various tastes? It’s road trip season, and if you need a podcast to binge in the car, this list has you covered. You can pop in and out of short stories about family drama and scams, or buckle in for real life sagas of catfishing, CIA conspiracies, and a missing crypto queen. The miles will fly by and you’ll be at your in-laws’ table eating turkey in no time.


The Habit:

the Habit is a serialized (real-life) documentary about a fake community on Mars (and which is really in Mauna Loa, Hawaii). Six volunteers have been invited to live there to work as fake astronauts for one (very real) year—a simulated mission known as the Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation (HI-SEAS.) Host Lynn Levy has been following the experiment from the very beginning, collecting participants’ comments through audio diaries and occasionally dropping them questions that plumb their everyday experiences—the joys, the annoyances, the isolation, the frustration of surviving on freeze-dried food, and their evolving relationships (there is some hooking up).

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